Monday, 30 April 2012

How do you do a master reset on the MiFi 2200

Resetting the MiFi 2200 back to factory settings

• Make sure that the MiFi is turned on
• The device should not be connected with the wall charger/USB Cable
• Look for a paper clip or safety pin
• Now take the MiFi device in your hand
• Flip the MiFi device upside/down
• Look for the tiny hole just above the back cover
• Insert the Paperclip into the pinhole
• Gently press and hold it down for 40 seconds
• While you press the reset button inside the pinhole,
• Keep an eye on the LED, as it will be going off for a while 
• Take the Paperclip off after 40 seconds
• Wait for 10 seconds

That's it. The master reset has been successfully completed and the device has been reverted back to its factory settings.


Can't reset it must've been doing a little bit of pipe work

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