Monday, 28 May 2012

Changing the Network name/password on Sprint MiFi 2200

• Make sure that the MiFi device is turned on
• Also make sure that the MiFi is connected with your device
• Open the web browser
• In the address bar, type in and hit enter
• You will now be on the MiFi landing page/admin page
• Look for the login button along with the password box on the top-right
• Type admin as the password and click on login
• Make sure that you are back on the MiFi landing page
• Look for yellow coloured Menu bar below the Sprint logo
• Click WiFi and from the drop down go for WiFi Profiles
• You will now be on the WiFi Profile page
• Click on the text box of Network Name (SSID)
• Erase the existing text and provide a new Network name as you wish
• Now click on the text box of Network Key
• Erase the existing password and type in the password you like to have
• You can use alphabets, numbers and even symbols (Should be at least 8 ASCII characters in length)
• Click on Apply
• MiFi will be restarting automatically
• Just for being on the safer side restart the MiFi yourself (Turn off the MiFi and bring it back on)
• Now MiFi will be detected by a different name (the new you just gave before) on your device
• Enter the new password you just set to connect to the MiFi
• That's it, your MiFi has now got a new Name and password


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